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Order and Shipment
  1.  The unit price we offer is all FOB (Free On Board) basis per meter.

  2.  Freight, insurance or other shipping charges including import taxes shall be   borne by  the customers.

  3.  The basic shipment minimum is 500 meters per vessel.  Less than that,   you can choose the delivery by courier or aircraft.

  4.  Piece minimum is 14 meters.  You can choose packing type by bolt or by tube.

  5.  The contract note is issued as soon as the stocks are confirmed.

  6.  After cargos are ready, the actual invoice and packing list are mailed to the  customer with estimate shipment schedule.  

  7.  Please remit the same amount of invoice by T/T to our bank account.

  8.  Shipment will be proceeded immediately after arrival of T/T remittance.

  9.  Waybill is e-mailed after the departure of vessel.

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